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Seminar "West and East: Universalism of Culture"

September 24, 2019
Report by Gregor Luks (LMU) "Traumas of the war and the Holocaust in the collective memory of Germans and German Jews and Russia's role in German and Jewish narratives of the time".

September 23, 2019
Report by Russian and Ukrainian philologist, historian of culture and philosophy, literary critic Mikhail A. Blumenkrants "The World as a Symbolic Reality" 

September 19, 2019
Presentation of a new book by the Russian and Ukrainian philologist, historian of culture and philosophy, literary critic Mikhail A. Blumenkrants.

May 22, 2019
Report by the founder and the director of the literary festival "Pordenonelege" Laura Paliaru and the director of the Pordenone Ledge Alberto Garlini "Literary festivals in Italy: their profitability and value (for example" PORDENONELEGGE")"
Announcement, News, Video

April 19, 2019
Report by the research fellow of the Catholic University (Paris) Laura Pettinaroli "
Studies on the relationship of the Vatican and Russia in 1905-1939"
Announcement, News, Interview 'Russian Questions' and the Vatican in the Early 20th Century

April 12, 2019
Report by the academic supervisor of the International Laboratory for the Study of Russian and European Intellectual Dialogue, professor of the Catholic University (Eichstätt) Leonid Luks ​​"The Last Romanticist of the Revolution?" - Leo Trotsky against Stalin and Hitler"
Announcement, News, Video

April 8, 2019
Report by
Alejandro Mario Dieguez, research fellow of the Vatican Secret Archives, "The Vatican Secret Archives: the archives of the Pope, custodian of the historical memory of Peoples"
Announcement, News , Video

April 2, 2019

Lecture by Sonia Arribas, Professor of Humanities at the UPF, "Peter Kropotkin and His Work "The Conquest of Bread"
Announcement, News, Video

March 22, 2019
Lecture by Boris L. Khavkin, Professor of the History and Archives Institute of the Russian State University for Humanities, specialist in the history of Russian-German relations, "On the 80th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Soviet texts of the Soviet-German secret documents of 1939-194: publication history"
Announcement, News

March 13, 2019
Lecture by Alexei Makushinsky, the Russian writer, "From Shestov to Camus: Benjamin Fondan and Rachel Bespaloff" Part 2
Announcement, News, Video

March 1,

Lecture by Alexei Makushinsky, the Russian writer, "From Shestov to Camus: Benjamin Fondan and Rachel Bespaloff" Part 1
Announcement, News, Video

February 13, 2019

Lecture by the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in the Russian Federation Yves Rossier
Announcement, News, Video

February 4, 2019
Lecture by Theresa Obolevich, Associate Professor at the Pontifical University. John Paul II in Krakow, "New archival finds: materials to the creative biography of S.L. Frank and M.I. Lot-Borodina"
Announcement, News, Video

November 21, 2018
Lecture of Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of St. Petersburg State University Igor Ivanovich Evlampiev "Meaning" of the Russian idea "in the works of Dostoevsky, Solovyov and Berdyaev and the problem of the relationship between Russia and Europe"

November 14, 2018
Postdoc lecture at the University of Insubria, associate professor at the Faculty of Art History at the University of Roma Tre, associate professor at the faculty of global management at the University of Roma Tor Vergata, senior research scientist at the Scientific Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning Anna Vyazemtseva "Architecture and Art of the USSR in the Fascist Period of Italy: Concerned Criticism"
News, Video

October 12, 2018
Lecture by Boris L. Khavkin, Professor at the History and Archives Institute of the Russian State Humanitarian University, specialist in the history of Russian and German relations, Doctor of Historical Sciences, "500th anniversary of the Reformation and the" new anti-Semitism "in Germany"

September 24, 2018
Lecture by Leonid Luks, Professor of the Catholic University of Eichstätt
, "The dissident movement in the Soviet Union as a reaction to the incomplete de-Stalinization"
News, Video

September 12, 2018
Lecture of the Belarusian historian, doctor of art history Olga D. Bazhenova "Belarusian culture as a culture of the Borderlands: a dialogue with non-classical art"
News, Video

September 7, 2018
Lecture by Boris L. Khavkin, Professor of History and Archives Institute of the Russian State Humanitarian University, specialist in the history of Russian-German relations, Doctor of Historical Sciences "Attempts to save the royal family: the German trace"
News, Video

May 30, 2018
Report by proff. Leonid Luks of Catholic University (Eichtaett)
AnnouncementNewsVideo Part 1Video Part 2Video Part 3

May 29, 2018
Report by proff. Wolfgang Stefan Kissel of Bremen University

May 28, 2018
Report by Assistant proffessor of Viena University Martina Stemberger 

March 26, 2018 
Report by Phd. student of Sheffield University Tomas Rollings "About the perspectives of Chernishevsky and Dobrolubov's heritage promotion" 

February 22, 2018
Report by prof. Teresa Obolevitch "S.L.Frank in archives of the world: life, oeuvre, perspectives of the research"

February 2, 2018
Report by PhD. student of University Hasselt (Belgium) Natalia Drobot «Ostalgia as a special artistic development in contemporary art»

November 22, 2017 
Report by prof. Leonid Luks "Notes on the "revolutionary traditionalist" cultural model of Eurasianism"
Video, News, AnnouncementInvitation

October 27, 2017 
Report by prof. Boris Havkin "German anti-Hitler resistance between East and West"

October 9, 2017
Work shop of prof. Mark Urnov

October 6, 2017
Report by prof. Boris Havkin "Third Reich: how German children turned into anti-Semites"

September 18, 2017
Report by prof. Boris Havkin "German money for Russian revolution"
Video, News, Announcement

September 15, 2017 
Report by PhD. prof. Leonid Luks REID Academic supervisor "Paths of Russia and Germany in XIX and XX centuries"

June 26, 2017
Presentation by professor of the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) A.K. Zholkovsky "On the love stories of Bunin: the structure of " Business Cards "»
Video, News, AnnouncementInvitation

June 02, 2017
Report by Irina Mironenko "Implicit anthropology of the Russian social and humanitarian sciences"

May 22, 2017 
Master class by prof. Тatiana Schedrina «Archive of the era in the Internet space: on the methodological problems of historical and philosophical studies» 

April 12, 2017

Report by prof. Dirk Uffelmann "Moscow as a relay in the dialogue of the post-soviet literatures with Europe"

March 20, 2017

Report by prof. Richard Tempest "Cryptography of Alexander Solzhenitsyn" 

March 1, 2017

Presentation of Jubilee issue of the journal "Vestnik Evropi", dedicated to the 250th anniversary of N.M. Karamzin
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